Exchange Unified Messaging vs Cisco Unity Unified Messaging

Feature Exchange   Unified Messaging Unity   Unified Messaging
play VM in inbox Yes Yes
play on PC speakers yes yes
embed notes in VM for indexing yes no
play on pc outlook control yes, only outlook 2007, form automatically installed yes, form must be manually installed
play on phone yes, any extension or phone number yes, specific extension
play from OWA yes, on PC or any extension or phone number yes, on PC only
listen to e-mail from telephone yes licensed
auto attendant yes yes
Autoattendant with SpeechRec yes no
failover? yes licensed
call trees limited yes
access to calendar yes no
access to contacts yes no
access to AD user directory yes no
UM on separate server recommended for most deployments required
Administration interface native Exchange Management Console IIS
backups via native exchange backup exchange + Unity Server
retention policy granular by message type (voicemail or e-mail) uses general mailbox quota
UM lights MWI supports most TDM PBXs (via 3rd party gateway), need   3rd party app for Cisco IP phones supports most PBXs
hardware required for PBX integration none for Cisco CallManager 5.1+ and Avaya IPT, hardware gateway for   all else None for CallManager, dialogic card for other models
licensing requires Windows & Exchange server license and   ECAL includes Windows server license, requires Exchange   license, Unity server license (per port), Unity client license, Outlook CAL
scalability depends on hardware depends on hardware
server hardware must meet minimum requirements requires Cisco MCS server platform
maximum VM sessions per server 60-75 72 (depending on platform)
maximum users 2000 to 10000 depending on platform   (1)
1000 for smallest platform, 7500 for largest
maximum text to speech sessions 24
integration to PBXs (2)
schema extensions No (already party of Exchange 2007) yes
multi-language support yes, only for tts, not for asr yes
end user reset VM PIN Yes, via outlook or OWA no
multiple greetings 2 (standard, out of office) 5 different greetings
mobile phone support yes yes
remap tui keys? no yes
Versions of Exchange supported 2007 only 2000, 2003, 2007
Other mail systems supported? no lotus notes, some functionality via IMAP for   GroupWise and other IMAP systems
integration to other VM systems no yes, using AMIS




Thanks for Khalid Helmy.

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